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The Family History Book is a must for every family to preserve your family legacy and pass it down to future generations.

Each book contains your family history from one bloodline (paternal or maternal). It documents information on your ancestors and their offsprings, featuring family photos, stories, bios, and narratives ranging from those who paved the way to present generations. This book documents positive stories, highlighting family characteristics, achievements, and contributions to society.

The Family History Book is not just a graphic design creation, but a multi-week project involving multiple meetings/consultations to discuss logistics of your unique publication. This project requires project coordination, management, and extensive graphic design layout. We will direct you every step of the way and create a stunning layout to document your family legacy.

Investment Starts at $999.00


Contact Us for a Free 1/2 hour Zoom Consultation for more details and to see examples of book layout. Inquirers must be present live on screen during Zoom consultation session.